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Sign up with your email address and follow the step-by-step process, do not sign up more than once for one account.

Once you’ve signed up and logged into your Therealmusic Distro dashboard, then you can click on “Upload Your Track” to distribute your track

The royalty returns on streams is approximately 0.003p per stream, but may vary in different territories. The amount paid for downloads will also vary, as stores take a commission between 10-30%, and then there is around 3-5% variance in bank charges when they send the royalties over. VAT is not applicable on royalties.

To view your sales data and royalty earnings, just log into your Dashboard, and it will be what next to view after your profile details

So you want to leave your current distributor and move your music to THEREALMUSIC DISTRO? We don’t blame you!
Contact- support@therealmusicdistro.com & we will assist in facilitating the move.

If you have an upcoming release and wish to be featured on our socials, drop us an email on support@therealmusicdistro.com

In this email, please include an up-to-date EPK as well as any visual assets and additional information which may be of interest. The social team will see if it can be incorporated in the schedule.

After creating your account with us, kindly reach out to us on support@therealmusicdistro.com to get your dashboard manually